Dharmodaya Sabha

Nepal's National Buddhist Association (Estd. 1944),
Nepal chapter of World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) 

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Dharmodaya Sabha is registered as the National Buddhist Organization of Nepal, and the Regional Center  of the World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB).


The Central Office: 

Dharmodaya Sabha

Buddha Vihar, Vihar Marga,

Bhrikuti Mandapa, 

P. O. Box: 4053 Kathmandu-31, Nepal

Tel: 4-227176; Fax: (977) 1-4-247148




The Branch Organizations of the Dharmodaya Sabha

The Dharmodaya Sabha gradually made it's progress in different districts of Nepal. At the moment the Dharmodaya Sabha is conducting it's Buddhist through the young Buddhist follower in the various districts of Nepal. Young Men's Buddhist Association and Buddhist Women's Association of Nepal has been affiliated as it's associate organization. The Dharmodaya Sabha has been organizing the National Buddhist Conference every two year and it has completed it's 9the national Buddhist Conference, It is now the major Buddhist Organization of Nepal with it's affiliation with the WFB. It is now in the process of regeneration the Buddhist awareness among the different Buddhist ethnic Buddhist population. It has also been in constant touch with the WFB Headquarter, Thailand, and other national Buddhist Association of Japan, Malaysia and People's Republic of China the Choge order of the Republic of Korea )South Korea].


The Dharmodaya Sabha is now actively engaged in expediting the development process of the Lumbini. It has also been engaged in organizing seminars in different Buddhist awareness programs.


The Dharmodaya Sabha is sending a delegation from Nepal to participate in the various International conference of the Buddhist to be held in various places of the world. This conference too is requested to deliberate very actively on the expiation of the development works now virtually remaining stagnant. Lumbini, Being the most scared pilgrimage center for the Buddhist has been proclaimed as the Fountain of  peace of the world and as per lumbini declaration The world Buddhist Conference is to be convened to seek held from international Buddhist organizations The Dharmodaya Sabha as one of the most important regional centers of the WFB with Lumbini, the birth place of the Buddha requests all Buddhist federating units of the WFB to take active interest in helping the taking up of the water tower project to supply potable drinking water to the people visiting Lumbini and pilgrims coming from abroad and the local populace. The project of sewerage system, The project of constructing the central canal, the establishment of the Buddhist University in the New Lumbini village, the project of the preservation of ancient archaeological findings and their conservation and consolidation through proper archaeological process are still witting for the donor organizations. Besides, the Dharmodaya Sabha being the Nepal regional center of the WFB humbly request all the regional center of the WFB and the WFB itself to look forward to extend the helping hand for the development of Lumbini.


Branches of Dharmodaya Sabha

S.No.   Branch's Name         Address                       District                   Zone              

1           Kantipur                     Srigha Vihar                Kathmandu         Bagmati

(In 1954, promoted as the Central Office in Kathmandu)

2          Lumbini                      Lumbini                       Rupandehi           Lumbini

3          Kapilvastu                  Taulihawa                    Kapilvastu            Lumbini

4          Bhaktapur                  Bhaktapur                    Bhaktapur           Bagmati

5          Kabhre                        Banepa                          Kabhre                 Bagmati

6          Nuwakot                     Trishuli                        Nuwakot               Bagmati

7          Chitawan                    Narayan Gadh             Chitawan              Narayani

8          Kaski                           Pokhara                        Kaski                     Gandaki

9          Sunsari                       C.O.Dharan                  Sunsari                 Koshi

10        Kailali                         Dhangadhi                    Kailali                   Mahakali

11        Sankhuwa Sabha      Chainpur Bajaar          Sankhuwa Sabha, Koshi

12        Butwal                        Butwal                           Rupandehi           Lumbini

13        Palpa                           Tansen                          Palpa                     Lumbini

14        Bhojpur                      Bhojpur                        Bhojpur                Koshi

15        Morang                       C.O.Birat Nagar          Morang                Koshi

16        Chatara Bayerban    Chatara                         Sunsari                 Koshi

17        Barahkshetra             Barahkshetra              Sunsari                 Koshi

18        Damak                        Damak                          Jhapa                    Mechi

19        Urlawari                     Urlawari                       Jhapa                    Mechi

20        Rasuwa                      Rasuwa                         Rasuwa                Bagmati

21        Surkhet                       Birendra Nagar           Surkhet               Bheri

22        Birtamod                   Birtamod                       Jhapa                  Mechi

23        Kanchanpur              Kanchanpur                 Kanchanpur       Mahakali

24        Dhading                     Dhading                        Dhading              Bagmati

25        Makawanpur             Hetauda                        Makawanpur     Narayani

26        Panchamool              Panchamool                 Shyangja             Gandaki

27        Sindhupalchowk      Thulopakhar                 Sindhupalchowk, Bagmati

28        Banke                         Nepal Gunj                   Banke                  Bheri

29        Shyangja                    Shyangja Bajaar          Shyangja             Gandaki

30        Lamjung                    Beshisahar                    Lamjung             Gandaki

31        Baglung                      Baglung                         Baglung               Dhaulagiri

32        Parbat                        Kushma, Parbat           Parbat                 Gandaki

33        Gorkha                       Gorkha                          Gorkha                Gandaki

34        Bara                            Nij Gadh                       Bara                      Narayani

35        Tanahun                    Tanahun                        Tanahun             Gandaki

36        Saptari                       Rajbiraj                          Saptari                Sagarmatha

37        Waling                        Waling Bajaar              Shayangja           Gandaki

38        Madhyapur               Madhyapur Thimi       Bhaktapur           Bagmati

39        Rolpa                          Rolpa, Liwang              Rolpa                   Karnali

40        Taplejung                  Taplejung                      Taplejung            Mechi

41        Devdaha                     Devdaha                        Rupandehi          Lumbini

42        Phidim                       Paanchathar                 Phidim                 Koshi

43        Bami Takshar           Bami Takshar               Gulmi                   Lumbini

44        Rani Pauwa               Rani Pauwa                  Nuwakot              Bagmati


Past Presidents of Dharmodaya Sabha

S. No. Name                                                                         Date             

1          Venerable U Chandramani Mahathera                    Nov. 30, 1944 - 1956      

2          Venerable Bhikkhu Amritananda Mahathera        B.S. 2012 t- 2044

3          Venerable Chhechu Kushyo Dukpa Lama               B.S. 2044 - 2047

4          Pundit Dibya Bajra Bajrachara                                  B.S. 2047 - 2050 

5          Venerable Bhikkhu Sudarshan Mahathera              B.S. 2050 - 2053

6          Venerable Thungram Gyaltrul Rinpochhe               B.S. 2053 Ashadh 30 - 2056


7          Mr. Loke Darshan Bajracharya                                   B.S. 2056 - 2059

8          Venerable Bhikkhu Aswaghosh Mahathera             B.S. 2059 - 2062 Bhadra          

9          Venerable Shangpa Rinpochhe                                   B.S. 2062 Bhadra - 2065 Bhadra

10        Pundit Badri Ratna Bajracharya                                 B.S. 2065 Bhadra


Past Secretary General sof Dharmodaya Sabha

S. No. Name                                                                         Date                                    

1          Venerable Bhikkhu Amritananda                               Nov. 30, 1944 - Nov. 19,  1945      

             Mahathera                                                                      May 31, 1947  -  Nov 30,  1949, and

                                                                                                       1951 t- 1956

2          Venerable Bhikkhu Mahanama 'Kovida'                  Nov. 20, 1945 - May 30, 1947 

            Mahathera                                                                       Nov. 6, 1949 - 1951

3          Prof. Surya Bahadur Shakya                                       B.S.2012 Phalgun - 2013 Ashadh 8

4          Prof. Asharam Shakya                                                  B.S. 2013 Ashadh - 2040 Chaitra

5          Prof. Dr. Bajra Raj Shakya                                           B.S. 2040 Chaitra - 2044 Baisakh

6          Prof. Asharam Shakya                                                  B.S. 2044 Baisakh - 2047 Jestha

7          Mr. Ratna Bahadur Bajracharya                                 B.S. 2047 Jestha - 2050 Jestha

8          Prof. Bidya Man Sakya                                                 B.S. 2050 Jestha - 2053          

9          Dr. Triratna Man Tuladhar                                         B.S. 2053 - 2056        

10        Mr. Suwarn Sakya                                                         B.S. 2056 - 2062 Bhadra

11        Mr. Suchitra Man Shakya                                             B.S. 2062 Bhadra -

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